22, 2021
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Card 5
Best Outcome
The Magician

Card 10
Final Outcome
Seven of Swords

Card 6
Immediate Future.
Eight of Swords

Card 1
The Present.
Ace of Swords

Card 3
Distant Past.
The Lovers

Card 9
Hopes and Fears.
Two of Cups

Card 2
Immediate Challenge.
The Sun

Card 8
External Influences.
Ace of Cups

Card 4
Recent Past.
Two of Swords

Card 7
Factors Affecting Situation.
Nine of Pentacles

Ace of Swords
Card 1: The present.
    This card signifies a new beginning of thought and clarity. Its about intelligence, reason, justice, truth, objectivity and courage. This ace represents a metal force that penetrates problems and issues to the core. You are now able to make decisions and analyzing situations with mental clarity. In a relationship you can look at your partner and your relationship clearly without illusions, hopes and dreams, you see it for what it is. If you are single, this ace represents a coming relationship with someone that you find very interesting and intellectual or meeting with such a person. In matters of work it predicts a new project/job on the horizon what will challenge your intellect.
The Sun
Card 2: The immediate challenge facing you.
You will often pull a difficult card here, which will indicate an obstacle that must be overcome. When you pull a "good" card here, examine it carefully because it will still represent a challenge.
    This card stands for illumination, you can now see clear, you've overcome problems and fears. This card expresses the good times, a joy of living and good health. It predicts success, pleasures, happiness, children, happy marriage and a lot more. In a relationship this card predict a happy time when you have overcome problems and love shines. You may go on a vacation, bringing the whole family and you enjoy each other's company. If you are single, this card predicts romance and a successful love life. In matters of work you will find success. If you are seeking a yes or no answer, this card gives you the big yes! It looks positive.
The Lovers
Card 3: Distant past, foundation.
This card should indicate the root of the subject matter of the question.
    The lovers represent love, a deep love on a spiritual level as well as on physical. Often this is a sexual relationship with a strong connection to the other partner. If you are single, this card predicts you will find love; a loving encounter is soon to be seen. This card represent any kind of relationship with a strong connection, it can be a friend, family member college. Often this card is about a choice, a choice concerning the relationship, where it is headed. Keep your eye on surrounding cards whether this choice is a positive or negative one. This card may also predict a balance between the male and female side of inner self.
Two of Swords
Card 4: More recent past, including events.
This will indicate events taking place, not necessarily directly connected to the question. For example, if a love affair going wrong Card 3 would show the root of why it is going wrong, whereas Card 4 will show something that recently happened to reflect this. You could see this as a "check comment" card - a way of seeing that the reading is sound.
    The two of swords represent a stalement. A difficult decision need to be made and you might try to gain some time by stalling. You don't really know what to choose, which way to go. This card also stands for a temporary truth in arguments and fights. There is a need for balance. In a relationship this card represents a time when emotions are blocked and decisions needs to be made about the future course on the relationship. If you are single, you might have to decide between people who are interested in you. In matters of work this card stands for choices that you don't necessarily want to make.
The Magician
Card 5: The best that can be achieved.
This is directly related to the question. Note that this may not necessarily gel against Card 10 - it depends whether you are able to get the best. However, a negative card here probably means that it is worth cutting your losses rather than putting any more effort into the situation.
    This is a card of great power of action and power of our thought. You are independent, confident and determent, things will turn out your way. This is power of a divine sort with no limitations and the magician is ready to use it. A strong will wield this power and can be channel into whatever area that is needed. The magician is also a good healer. You are in control of your own life; you create your life, as you want it.
Eight of Swords
Card 6: Immediate Future.
This indicates events in the next few days or week(s). This reading does not cover months.
    You are trapped in negative thinking and behavior and you did it to yourself. The positive is that you can easily break loose by becoming aware of your thoughts and actions, how they hurt and restrict you. In a relationship you might feel trapped or suffocating. Emotions are blocked and thoughts are negative. If you are single you might feel trapped in that situation and having a hard time seeing a way out.
Nine of Pentacles
Card 7:Factors or inner feelings affecting the situation.
Compare this against Card 1 in order to understand underlying forces/trends. If there is conflict between them this tends to indicate that the querent is going in the wrong direction.
    Your hard work and effort pays off and you receive appreciation and recognition. Surprisingly good development in business and financial income. A successful business deal. You may receiving a inheritance. You will get rewarded. In a relationship you understand that you have made a great catch in your partner. If you are single, you will get asked out or other proposals.
Ace of Cups
Card 8: External influences.
People, energies or events which will affect the outcome of the question and are beyond your control.
    A new love that is pure, overflowing, faithful, unconditional and understanding. This is the greatest love card and predicts true love on a deep level. This love is sincere and honest. The card may also predict a pregnancy or the birth of a child. The card tells you that you are on the right track in life and good things are to come. Your wounds will be healed; recovery is soon to be seen. This card brings blessings in whatever area your question is about.
Two of Cups
Card 9: Hopes or fears around the situation.
This may produce a card that confuses us badly. Always bear in mind that hopes and fears are closely intertwined, therefore that which we hope for may also be that which we fear, and so may fail to happen. Sometimes it is useful to draw a second card for clarification after the reading has been laid, and to read the two together.
    The two of cups points to a relationship with strong emotional ties. Often it is about a love relationship but may be, friendship, business partners or family. The card predicts a loving encounter, falling in love, getting along very well, good cooperation, a happy reunion between you and your partner. In this relationship you two support each other and tend to the other persons needs and wanting which makes the relationship smooth and harmonious. This card tells you that you are not alone, at least not for long, help and support is on the way.
Seven of Swords
Card 10: Final outcome.
This is a fairly self explanatory card. However it is worth saying that if the card comes up somewhat ambiguous, once again it may be worth drawing three extra cards to clarify. These should be interpreted through the lens of Card 10. So if the card drawn is the Tower and we draw the Ace of Cups, Princess of Cups and Four of Cups in a reading about a relationship, the Tower would indicate that it is time to move on. The Ace of Cup suggests that a new relationship is promised with better things ahead. The Princess of Cups brings new love (and possibly pregnancy). The Four of Cups shows deep levels of contentment and happiness, and many options for progress.
    The seven of swords shows a person who is sneaking away with swords, looks like he's stealing. Therefore this card often represents dishonesty and irresponsible behavior. This is a person who rather sneaks away then to stand actions. In relationships your partner might not be totally honest with you, or not that serious as you would have liked. If you are single you might meet a person who is not reliable. In matters of work you sneak away from responsibility, maybe you feel you would like to change work.


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