22, 2021
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Libra the scales (also the claw)


Libra - Sep 23 - Oct 22:

The Waterbearer

Keyword: "I Relate".

In the previous six signs, the cycle of development placed emphasis upon the self and various stages of inner awareness. With Libra, we come to the first mature awareness of others outside the self. Libra is directly opposed to Aries, which represents the beginnings of self. This is one of the reasons for the modern definition of the opposition aspect being that of cultivating awareness. The administrator for this place is Venus, and to this sign many of the meanings of Venus are attributed. According to Valens:

"Those so born are good and just, though malicious, desirious of the goods of others, moderate, those who lose what they have first acquired and those who have their ups and downs, those who live irregularly, those who oversee measures and weights or supplies."

Here we are seeing many of the themes associated with the sidereal constellation of the scales. In contrast, we should note that Venus is also the administrator for Taurus which we know has to do with personal possessions, but we see in this case that the shift in focus is that the desired object is not ours, whereas it was in Taurus. Modern definitions of this sign often include some emphasis on love relationships, marriage and romance. Marriage was more directly based upon financial status in ancient times as a matter of practical necessity. The truth is that where there is money, there is relationship and the weighing and exchanging of values.

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