22, 2021
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The Ox

The Ox


Ruler of the hours - 1am to 3am

Direction - North / Northeast

Season - Winter / January

Fixed element - Water negative

Yin / Yang - Yin

Personality Traits:

People born under the sign of the Ox are generally calm, dependable, patient and unflagging. The Ox is symbolic of prosperity that is achieved through hard work. Although obstinate they do have logical minds and will not be easily frightened. They appreciate that in order to achieve success things must be done in a certain methodical and correct way. Ox people are seldom deprived and tend to be both reliable and conventional. They are patient, but once angry and incensed it will be difficult to reason with them, they also have a propensity to hold grudges. Ruled more by their heads than hearts they are full of pride and uncompromising and in order to be happier they should nurture their sense of humor.

The year of the Ox: is one in which success will escape without a sustained, mindful effort. The sort of problems that are encountered in the year of the Ox tend to be home front problems that seem to be never ending. The Ox year needs discipline and it is not the time for unruly behaviour or taking short cuts. In this year success is achieved solely through hard work.

The Fire Ox - Powerful, money-oriented, motivated by combat, but is also objective.

The Wood Ox - Traditional, accommodating, ethical, fair-minded and motivated by honesty.

The Earth Ox - Resolute, enduring, motivated by patience, is focused and genuine.

The Metal Ox - Confrontational, conceited, bright, intense and motivated by conviction.

The Water Ox - Systematic, motivated by strength of mind, is patient, practicable and levelheaded.

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