19, 2022
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Scorpio - Oct 23 - Nov 21:

The Waterbearer

Keyword: "Desire".

Ln the cycle after Libra, after the first mature realization of what relationships with others produces, comes awareness of motivation. The planet of action and motivation, Mars, administers for this sign. In Aries, Mars represented personal action without regard for the concerns of others. In Scorpio, actions are scripted and tailored with others in mind. These 2 signs do not aspect (aspect is a Greek word meaning "to look") eachother and are therefore in aversion. Because they do not see eachother, the action becomes invisible. In other words these actions express in a way that is in aversion to the Aries forthright and spontaneous way of acting, therefore producing a hidden agenda. This is the reason why so many consider this sign treacherous. According to Valens:
"Those so born are treacherous, knavish, rapacious, murderous, traitors, unchangeable, those who are liable to have their belongings taken away, secretive plotters, theives, perjured, desirious of the things of others, privy to murders or sorcery or malicious doings, haters of their own families."

There is a better and more noble side to this sign. It is also possible that the actions could be in aversion to the self. In other words, selfless action. Modern astrologers have said that Pluto, god of the underworld, takes us on a path through death and rebirth, symbolized by the eagle that dies, and from the ashes arises the phoenix. In Christianity, this takes the form of the sacrifice on the cross by Jesus and being reborn in the Holy Spirit.

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