19, 2022
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Cancer the crab


Cancer - Jun 21 - Jul 22:

The Crab

Keyword: "I Feel".

AAfter mental application and coming to a basic understanding of how your environment works comes the understanding of where you belong in this equation. The Moon is the "oikodektor" (administrator) for this sign. Because Cancer is a cardinal sign, it is representative of new beginnings. More particularly it is representative of birth because it is the horoskopos of the cosmos. It is the Moon that adds the qualities that most modern astrologers attribute to this sign; such as moodiness, domesticity, maternity, sensitivity, defensiveness, etc... People born with Cancer rising, or the Sun or Moon in this sign often exhibit these traits. Cancer is also a prolific sign and tends to indicate a lot of children for those who have the lot related to children in this place, or have Cancer as the 5th house. For comparison, according to Valens:

"Those so born, then, will be fond of repute, popular, changeable, theatrical, cheerful, fond of pleasure and entertaining, public, inconstant in knowledge, saying one thing but thinking another, those who do not remain with one activity for too long, who end up wandering and sojourning abroad.".

We see a remarkable similarity in meaning even in modern times. The remark about "fondness of repute" hints at the way this place works. Cancer is eager to "take in". In the beginning, the Bible states that the earth was without form and void, meaning that it was eager to take on the "eidos" (of the Sun? or Son?) because it was empty and without purpose. A void or a vacuume creates suction. This is the reason why this place is the horoskopos of the cosmos. These natives are fond of repute because they seek value and purpose; something to give form to their existence, indicating where they belong.

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