21, 2021
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January 20 - February 18

Aquarius is symbolized by the Water Bearer

Symbol:The Water Bearer
Ruling Planet:Saturn / Uranus
Ruling House:Eleventh House
Body Parts:ankles
Date with destiny:Gemini, Libra
Run for the hills:Taurus, Scorpio
Where you glow:in a picket line
What makes you tick:philanthropy
Fitness forecast:yoga
Play date:attending a technology fair
Perfect jobs:environmentalist, computer whiz
Best accessory:a time machine
A sure thing:being original
Destination:Costa Rica
Pleasure:innovation, originality, friends
Pain:conservatism, being categorized, emotional outbursts
What's my line?Think outside the box.

Aquarius is symbolized by the Water Bearer. You possess a quick intellect and an expansive mind keen on innovation and progressive thought. You're a rebel, but one who really needs people around. You have tons of friends, but you tend not to get too intimate with any one person. Aquarius is the eleventh Sign of the Zodiac, and Aquarians are the perfect representatives for the Age of Aquarius. Those born under this Sign have the social conscience needed to carry us into the new millennium. These folks are humanitarian, philanthropic and keenly interested in making the world a better place. Along those lines, they'd like to make the world work better, which is why they focus much of their energy on our social institutions and how they work (or don't work). Aquarians are visionaries, progressive souls who love to spend time thinking about how things can be better. They are also quick to engage others in this process, which is why they have so many friends and acquaintances. Making the world a better place is a collaborative effort for Aquarians.

In much the same way that the Water Bearer brings that precious liquid as a gift, Aquarians shower the world with their thoughts and new ideas. Luckily for Aquarians (and the rest of us), they are at a near-genius level, so their minds churn out some amazing things. Their thought process is also inventive and original. While Aquarians are happy to bestow these ideas as a gift with no strings attached, they are much happier when the rest of the world agrees with them. Naysayers will quickly find out that Aquarians can be impatient, even temperamental, with those who disagree. Yes, these folks can be quite fixed in their opinions, in keeping with the Fixed Quality assigned to this Sign. Even though Aquarians are happy to give, and they do, it's often on their terms and within their comfort level. Generally, that means ample space, since these folks are freedom-loving and individualistic and need to roam (and yes, they do enjoy travel). While Aquarians are generally sympathetic and compassionate, they like it when things go their own quirky way. Some might call their behavior eccentric (and they would be right), but when you consider that the Aquarian's heart is truly in the right place, a few oddities should be overlooked. In their own way, Aquarians treasure their many friends and acquaintances and want to give back as much as they can.


The Element of Air is attached to the Signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. It also rules the Third, Seventh and Eleventh Houses. It is rarefied air which usually surrounds those graced by this Element, as this is the marker of the intellectual. Airy people are smart thinkers and handle abstract reasoning well. They love to analyze, synthesize and probe. Do you have a dilemma? Hand it over to an Air Sign and watch them go to work.

Air Signs are also about communication. These individuals want to get the word out, and it's not likely to be fluff. They are alert, curious and perceptive. The world as seen by an Air Sign will be an interesting one, as their analysis and subsequent explanation (hopefully in terms we can understand) will indicate. Those influenced by Air are inventive and clever. They see all sides of the equation and are able to glean the best approach. Balance is important to these airy folk.

So, are Air Signers fresh as a summer breeze or howling like the wind? Probably both, depending on when you catch them. While these folks are often cool, calm and collected, they can turn cold if their equilibrium is upset. A word to the wise: there's little upside in baiting an Air Sign.

Another plus with Air is that it manifests itself in a most humane way. Those influenced by Air can truly wear another's shoes, as it were. They are objective, cooperative and really want to help make a better world. There's no prejudice with these folks, just a bright and shiny idealism which can accomplish much.

Air Signs are communicative, intellectual, clever and fair. They can blow hot and cold, though, so beware of a chilly draft!


A Fixed Quality is attached to the Signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. The Fixed Houses are the Second, Fifth, Eighth and Eleventh; if an astrological chart shows a preponderance of Planets in these Houses, its energy is weighted toward fixity.

Fixed Signs understand that steadiness is the key. Those influenced by this Quality are happy to forge ahead with their projects, calmly working away until they have achieved their objectives. This is no struggle for Fixed folks, rather it's what makes them tick. These individuals are stable, determined and resolute. They want to get to the finish line and have the persistence and ability to concentrate, characteristics which will get them there.

There is no lack of confidence in Fixed individuals. Self-reliance could be a Fixed person's middle name. Those possessed of a Fixed nature are powerful, yet purposeful. There are no wasted motions here: Fixed folks move patiently and steadily toward their goals. They are also steady and reliable and always remember those who helped them out. Conversely, those born under a Fixed Sign can at times be stubborn, my-way-or-the-highway folks. They may have a tendency to get stuck in their ways and to believe that they are always right.

Those influenced by a Fixed Quality are determined, reliable and persistent. They have great strength, and strength of purpose, and love to get the job done. So what if they refuse to budge? They get results.

The Eleventh House

House of Friendships

The Eleventh House is commonly referred to as the House of Friends. Through our friends, we find strength in numbers -- we see the power of the collective, the group. Groups addressed by this House include clubs, organizations, social groups, networking organizations and professional associations. The focus here is on the activities we undertake within these groups, how we make a difference and as a result, how we grow and actualize our true selves. Further, it's the group, by virtue of its collective strength, which helps to define what we as individuals will do.

As we grow, we have more opportunities and possibilities available to us, and the Eleventh House addresses these. Our interactions and efforts are in keeping with our priorities in life; these interactions have the ability to enhance our lives. A labor of love? Yes, in many ways. Through our friends and group activities we add substance and meaning to our lives and to society.

The Eleventh House also speaks to destiny -- in simple terms, our hopes and dreams, what we desire and what we want to achieve. Our creative vision is highlighted, the simple act of working toward our maximal selves. The power of collective creation, as well as the creative sparks generated by the group, are also important to this House. By banding together, we can create so much more.

In joining with our friends, we not only accomplish a great deal, but we can also enjoy the fruits of our labor. The Eleventh House also addresses the kind of friend we are: what do we do for others? How do we view our friends? How do they view us? It is our basic character which, to a great extent, defines the friends and groups we choose.

Oftentimes, we work with our friends toward a greater good and in the hope of improving society. This is our philanthropic side coming to the fore, the ability to selflessly and eagerly help others. It is also our humanity manifesting itself most effectively. At times, we may upset the proverbial apple cart, but the sum total of our efforts should be to look at the end result. If that's good, then the process of getting there, for better or for worse, is worthwhile. Lastly, the Eleventh House also governs stepchildren, foster children and adopted children.

The Eleventh House is ruled by the Sign Aquarius and the Planets Saturn and Uranus.

Saturn: Planet of Karma

Saturn doesn't make things easy. That's the role of the taskmaster of the Zodiac. Saturn commands us to get to work and to work hard. Discipline and responsibility are important to this Planet, yet if we're eager to conquer the world, that's okay, too.

Much like Father Time, Saturn implores us to look at the clock (its glyph, after all, is the sickle of Chronos, the God of Time). Is there time for everything we want to do, or are there limits? Those limitations are important to Saturn, and we must learn to manage them. Restrictions are the province of this Planet, as is any form of discipline or delay.

In keeping with the passage of time, Saturn governs old age along with the lessons it teaches us. Learning life's lessons is key to this Planet, in keeping with its role as teacher. The majesty of older age also brings with it a certain sense of tradition, conventionality (our learned patterns of behavior) and wisdom, and Saturn is mindful of these characteristics. This Planet applauds our perseverance and the fact that we've withstood the test of time (yes, time comes up once again). This senior status further brings with it a measure of authority, and Saturn lords over that as well.

Structure, order and the way in which we conduct our affairs are all ruled by this ringed Planet. Contraction and the reining in of assets are also important here. Lastly, Saturn, again in its role as teacher, concerns itself with karma and the lessons which past experiences might bring.

It takes Saturn 28-30 years to complete its orbit of the zodiac. It is masculine energy and rules Capricorn and Aquarius and the Tenth and Eleventh Houses..

Aquarius Beauty Profile

As an Aquarius, you are a gorgeous vision of shimmering awkwardness, a lovely mess of high self-respect but occasional insecurity, a brilliant innovator with a charitable, giving heart. Your regard for the citizens of the world -- including the non-human citizens of the world -- compels you to make conscientious and respectful decisions. When it comes to beauty, you like to keep it natural and cruelty-free, but you do love a little flair here and there. You were thrilled when shimmery powders came back, and you jumped at the chance to accent your eyes with a light dusting of glitter.

Underneath the socially progressive exterior of this Fixed Air Sign lurks a future fetishist -- you have a weakness for gadgets, and you love any product touted as revolutionary or new, especially if it's also all-natural. Since you bore so easily, you're always looking for the next great moisturizer, hair color or cuticle treatment.

Although you have the utmost respect for yourself, you're lacking in the self-esteem department at times. You're always worrying that you don't look good enough or that you're not feminine enough. No need to worry, Water Bearer, you look stunning no matter what you do. Your beauty comes from your ability to accept yourself and make the best of the gifts you've been given. You set your own beauty standards, and this independence raises your beauty to a transcendent level. Your beauty is not of this world -- it's out of it.

Aquarius Beauties:

Jennifer Aniston
Christina Ricci
Oprah Winfrey

Aquarius Career Profile

For a lone wolf, the Water Bearer sure likes to have a lot of people around. Aquarians are humanitarians above all else, idealistic in their beliefs and ardent pursuers of causes. Non-profit organizations and trade unions would be a natural for them -- anything that will help the greater good. This unconventional rebel-with-a-cause cares so deeply about his fellow man that the quest for knowledge and answers is never-ending.

The mentally-quick Water Bearer enjoys a challenge and anything at a rapid-fire pace, whether it's a team meeting or a battle of bantering wits. Aquarians are firm in their beliefs -- they've spent plenty of time thinking about them -- and are bound to get the job done. Their inquisitive nature always has them considering what's new, different and mysterious and how these things can help people in the future. Is the Water Bearer a pioneer or a renegade? Perhaps a bit of both, but there's no doubting that they see the world in their own unique way!

The old "company man" mold is given a firm boot by Aquarians. To them, that world is inconceivable, a total waste of resources. The Water Bearer wants no boundaries and to be able to continually push the envelope -- now that's living! And working, since it's part of the plan. Aquarians will spend countless hours mulling over the possibilities for a project and may even come up with some startling conclusions, but it's all in a day's work. And it's never boring! A dull day is a nightmare for the energetic Water Bearer.

The Aquarius office is probably Zen-like in character, with a low working table and cushions all around for its occupant and guests (remember, everyone is an equal member of the team). That futuristic clock in the corner was probably made by the Water Bearer. An electric car or the newest Beetle would provide loads of fun and make for a handy-dandy way to get to lunch at an avant garde spot with stunning world food and delectable Rainforest Crunch.

Aquarians are well-suited as inventors, politicians, writers, scientists, astronauts, artists and, you guessed it, astrologers!

Aquarius Fitness Profile

Aquarius likes to make up the rules as they go along. Always innovative, you're not going to settle for anything you think is out of date. Everyone is equal in your eyes, so when you put together a team (which you, O Sociable One, probably do often), everyone gets a fair shot at getting the ball passed to them. The Water Bearer is an Air Sign, so anything that mixes the two elements is liable to be fun. Surfing, windsurfing, water-skiing and parasailing are good examples of this. Aquarius is a Fixed Sign, so you should be sure to stretch thoroughly before embarking on anything that might leave you feeling sore. Also, don't do anything that might leave you with a sprained ankle. If you're running on uneven surfaces, it's best to wear a brace.

Aquarius Fashion Profile

You'll never see a Water Bearer shopping in one of those big, corporate fashion dens that make their profit from monopolies and sweatshops. Thrift stores suit you much better, where you can get the most interesting clothes at the least damage to your pocketbook. You keep up with trends in your own way. You don't buy the new retro fashions, rather you find clothing from the time that this retro was new. Colorful clothing made from hemp, or anything that has shock value, is scattered about your wardrobe. You always have one jump on the next trend, whether or not it finds its way into popular culture. Among the mismatched, eclectic, daring garments in your possession, there is probably at least one gown or suit that is perfectly tailored, perfectly elegant and definitely expensive.

Ankles, though often sprained, are your Sign's favorite body part. Indulge in this by wearing anklets, strappy sandals and t-length skirts. Your hair is constantly changing -- you first dyed it green to shock your parents, but later just kept changing the color to catch the attention of the rest of the world. Henna is useful for this scheme. The makeup you wear is bright, fun and completely cruelty free. If you don't feel like it, though, you won't wear any at all. Adorning your body and clothing with turquoise is a good bet for adding beauty into your life.

Fave Label:Anna Sui
Would Look Good On:Christina Ricci

Aquarius rules the olive tree, which works well for an Air Sign who wants to snack and run. They like a variety of strong flavors, too, including garlic and ginger. Though they'll eat almost anything, The Water Bearer would rather have takeout.

Aquarius Friendship Profile

Aquarius rules the Eleventh House of Friends, so it's no wonder that they appear to be friends with absolutely everyone. You'll only be deceived by this circumstantial evidence until you try to get close to the Water Bearer, however. Though they have many acquaintances, Aquarius rarely lets people get to know them on a deep level. They are somewhat aloof when it comes to their actual feelings. If you're ever down, though, Aquarius will jump at the chance to buy you dinner -- or buy you anything for that matter. They're not trying to buy your friendship. Why should they? They are, however, very generous individuals and happy to help anyone in times of need. Don't let this make you too clingy. If an Aquarian sees a possible loss of freedom, or if they feel cloistered, they're bound to make a bolt for the door. The Water Bearer is an adventurer. Be sure to keep an open mind, and they'll take you to some exciting new places. The perfect Aquarius companion is one with whom they can make an intellectual connection. If you give them their space while keeping conversation lively, they'll be your friend forever.

Best Friend Bets: Sagittarius, Aries

Aquarius: Karmic Life Lessons

Aquarius is the most progressive Sign of the Zodiac; ruled by Uranus, the Planet of Rebellion, Aquarius is never satisfied with the status quo and is always forward-thinking, finding creative, innovative ways to improve things. Its other ruling Planet, Saturn, lends it the hardworking sensibility needed to turn those ideas into tangible, concrete results. Those born under the Aquarian influence are known for their quick minds, their magnetism and their social conscience; Aquarians are always the first to espouse viewpoints that favor the oppressed. They also make great and loyal friends and love a party or a gathering that allows them to mix and mingle with all kinds of people. Trouble for an Aquarius occurs on a more personal or private level. While totally at home in a crowd, Aquarius doesn't do so well one-on-one and can actually come across as cool, aloof or indifferent to anyone trying to gain its personalized, intimate attention. Why does Aquarius shy away from intimate contact? In truth, Aquarians tend to be shy and lacking in confidence; that cold demeanor comes not from a cold heart but from a basic sense of insecurity.

Uranus possesses a coolly androgynous energy; that, plus its rebellious tendencies, contribute to Aquarius's uncertain grasp of its own identity. Neither overwhelmingly feminine or masculine and with unpredictable impulses coming seemingly from nowhere, the uncertainty is understandable. Originality is never comfortable, especially under Saturn's more conventional rule, and Aquarius is a true original. However, this same originality can devolve into perverse eccentricity; Aquarius may try to be different simply for the sake of being different. This is an empty, pointless pursuit; eccentricity isn't an identity in itself. Aquarius must try to learn the reasons behind the impulses: What interests foster the humanitarian urge or the desire for progress? The answers to that question may provide Aquarius with the key to its inner self.

Being so forward-thinking may be another reason Aquarius can seem so aloof; this Sign finds it difficult to remain grounded in the present for long. It may actually consider lovemaking and other forms of one-on-one relating to be akin to procrastinating. During slow, intimate moments, Aquarius may feel more and more restless by the moment, wishing it could stop wasting time relating and get back to the workshop (literal or figurative) where it can continue to invent, innovate, create! This restlessness can come across to others as tactless or rude, two of the last things this people-loving Sign would want to be. Aquarius must develop a certain level of comfort with its own ambiguity in order to be truly comfortable with other people, to be able to relate to others as individuals.

Aquarius may also need to harness its rebellious urges before it can truly understand itself. Learning to separate rebellion for its own sake from rebellion intended for revolution is key; learning the value of rules and traditions may help a great deal. Aquarius can look to Taurus in this regard, as Taurus places the same value on tradition that Aquarius places on rebellion. Aquarius can look to warm-hearted Leo to learn the joys of caring for another person in a close, intimate way; Scorpio can teach Aquarius not to fear depth of personal connection.

Aquarius Kid Profile

If you're an Aquarius, you have a zillion friends of all kinds. Aquarius is an Air Sign, which means that you know how to talk to others. People like you not only because you're so super-smart and full of fun ideas, but also because you always have the latest gadgets and computer games. You're a quick thinker, and you like to question the way things are. That's good, Aquarius -- the world needs people like you! Think about a career as a politician or activist for some cause you really believe in. When you talk, everybody listens!

Aquarius Money Profile

Is the Water Bearer smart? They don't call Aquarians the geniuses of the Zodiac for nothing. Possessed of a quicksilver mind, these folks could make a bundle -- if they ever put their mind to it. It's likelier, though, that restless Aquarians will be more focused on their lofty new ideas or saving the world. That's right, a new world order -- now that's fun to an Aquarian! The visionary Water Bearer may seem distracted much of the time, but that's only because they're living inside their head, a place where the wheels are spinning away. Those born under this Sign are logical, love to think, and enjoy helping others, especially via charities and their pet causes.

Money, for better or for worse, is not at the top of the Water Bearer's list. Any bucks that come to these folks are more than likely to be pure happenstance since there are many more important things to work on. To an Aquarian, money is a means to an end -- like saving the planet! Are they likely to watch the bottom line? Huh?

Aquarians also tend to experience great highs and lows where money is concerned. One day they'll sell a computer program for millions, yet the next day they're being hounded by the IRS. Luckily for Aquarians, they can think their way out of any box. As well, they have an uncanny ability to "see" their way to money, probably because their mind is always working. The Water Bearer enjoys being self-employed, although the erratic cash flow can wreak havoc on the budget -- if they've bothered to make one, that is. A bookkeeper could be an Aquarian's best friend.

Futurists that they are, Aquarians enjoy the novel nature of bartering as well as the more progressive concept of equal-wage-earner couples. No traditionalists here! However, they tend to be more conservative when it comes to spending and don't mind living simply at all. Aquarians are loathe to borrow, and if they lend, they expect to be paid on time.

The Bull is a master at making deliberate decisions where money is concerned, which means that bills will be paid on time and accounts are always in order. That old maxim "neither a borrower nor a lender be" fits the strong and capable Bull to a Taurean T.


The Age of Aquarius and the futuristic explorations it brings to mind are very much in synch with those of people born under this sign. The Water Bearer is a visionary, caring and giving lover who sees the beauty in friendship and the mutual attainment of shared ideals. These independent souls are a fount of ideas, forever dazzling friends and other groups with their quicksilver mind and humanitarian spirit. Mental fireworks are the sexiest kind for the oft-overflowing Water Bearer, and they are captivated by a lover who shares their quest for a better world. An intuitive partner who is willing to look outside the box in the hopes of becoming a more complete being will win an Aquarian's heart straightaway. The Water Bearer is a flirtatious charmer who is at home with many but also appreciates the pleasures created by two.

Aquarius in Romance

Sociable Aquarius rules the House of Friends, which means that many a courtship will begin in a group setting. Once the Water Bearer zeroes in on a target, though, an offbeat and zany romance is likely to ensue. Mental gymnastics are only half the fun, since the Aquarian mind also has a great facility for creative and imaginative play. A visit to a children's museum with the idea of improving already good exhibits is entirely plausible, and something which the Water Bearer can make very seductive. It is safe to say that a partner who appreciates Aquarian quirks is the best bet. Since the Water Bearer will keep some secrets just that, a lover who can gently draw them out will create a romance dance that goes on and on and on.

Aquarius in Relationships

The Water Bearer has many relationships -- the real prize, though, is in finding that perfect one. Aquarians love to give pleasure, in keeping with their altruistic and philanthropic spirit. They also tend to seek agreement in their friendly and harmonious way, a real boon in the give and take of partnership. A progressive nonconformist is a blessing to the Water Bearer, and if they can give them the space they crave, even better. The key to real passion for Aquarians, however, is in connecting with that lover who can make vulnerability safe for them. Aquarians are so often busy caring for the masses that they forget about themselves! A lover who can help the Water Bearer get in touch with their innermost feelings and teach them to put the analyzing aside will tap into a torrent of emotion waiting to be released. The ideal Aquarius soul mate is an Einstein with lots of soul.

Aquarius in Love

The analytical Aquarian approaches the game of love slowly, methodically and deliberately. Playing the game of love is fun in and of itself and should not be rushed. While falling in love, the Water Bearer can fill myriad roles for a lover, thanks to their keen mental energy and boundless commitment to a good cause. Conversely, a lover who won't play along will meet an immovable object in righteous Aquarius. The greatest challenge in love for the Water Bearer is intimacy, the emotional and empathetic aspect of love. Without it, love is incomplete, so those born under this sign must find that space where they can feel and trust. If that is achieved, love with Aquarius can soar to the stratosphere.

Aquarius and Sex

As befits an Air sign, Aquarians tend to approach sex via the mind. If they can share and discuss their thoughts with their lover, matters in bed will be greatly enhanced. Their natural curiosity will also lead them to experiment with creative play between the sheets, so watch out! Pushing the envelope is a natural response for these folks, and they'll continually test the waters for ever greater pleasures. A delicious mystery lurks beneath the surface of these oft-controlled souls, and the lover who can call their bluff is in for a wild ride. The issue of mind vs. body, and which is more important, is also with the Water Bearer. A lover who can convince them of the pleasure principle will set this sexual being free.

What Aquarius Needs

Aquarians often believe that their way is the best way, so it's no surprise that they'd be interested in a lover who mirrors many of their own good qualities. Social interactions and the ability to dazzle the masses for a good cause are near and dear to the Water Bearer's heart, and a helpmate in these areas is their just reward. An open-minded and flexible person, one willing to explore boundless horizons, will also help them reach new heights. A lover who exhibits warmth and understanding can fill a key void in Aquarius' life, and if they also embrace the beauty of sharing, the relationship could go very far.

The Aquarius lover is unconventional yet innovative, a charmer who can wow a crowd and draws great strength from the partner at their side. Their cup runneth over when they are in the company of a passionate and committed soul. The mental fireworks which will surely ensue are a sight to behold!

Aquarius Technology Profile

The Aquarian craves the community that exists on the Web. You are likely to be the first to post your opinion on a message board or the one to spark a debate through email, all just to get the ideas flowing. Designing a Web site for a non-profit organization may be where you end up as you conquer your online learning curve. You could catalyze a social movement with the aid of email. Your visionary abilities mean that combining your desires to positively impact the world with the temptation of technology makes for a powerful mix. Spreading the word for your cause becomes a collaborative effort as you meet people who hold your same views through cyberchats. Quick fixes are what you are known for and they'll get you through all of the obstacles that you encounter.

Aquarians Travel Profile

If you hit the trail with an Aquarian, you'll be traveling with the trailblazer of the Zodiac. Those born under this sign are nothing if not different, willing to go anywhere, anytime, with anyone for most any reason. If the reason feeds their social conscience, all the better, for Aquarians are great humanitarians and supremely interested in helping the less fortunate.

Saving the planet for the masses is a good idea, too, so you're just as likely to find the Water Bearer in the rainforest of Brazil as in the wilds of Borneo. Face it, eco-travel was designed with these folks in mind! Aquarians are also sociable creatures, quick to make friends and eager to share their world view with them. Hence, it's likely that they'll travel with a gang, and even if they're not the obvious leader of the pack you can bet they're controlling the agenda. If not, they won't play along.

One thing the Water Bearer doesn't want to handle are the small details -- these folks paint in broad brushstrokes, so it's best to leave the train schedules to someone else. As an Air sign, Aquarians crave mental stimulation, so these nomads need many and varied experiences while on the road. Visionaries that they are, they're also fascinated with new technologies, so there's bound to be a nifty gadget or two in their bag!

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